Kitchenette Menu


Apple Toast* - tart granny smith w/ cultured cashew cream & sorghum, served on a large slice of italian bread 

Avocado Toast*mashed avocado & olive oil topped w/ heirloom tomatoes, served on a large slice of italian bread

Bagel – available every Tuesday while supplies last! Toasted housemade bagel w/ cultured cashew cream (dairy cream cheese & tofutti available, please ask!) 

Biscuits & Gravy – 2 drop biscuits covered in toasted, cracked pepper gravy 

Biscuit & House-made Jam* – rotating variety of jams available. Please ask

Breakfast Burrito or Tacos* – seasoned, twice-baked potatoes, tofu chunks, refried beans, & a side of salsa 

Hummus Wrap* – spinach & herb, wheat tortilla w/ house-made hummus, cucumber, thin radish slices, avocado, handful of spinach, heirloom tomato & lotsa house-made ranch 

Lox Toast* – carrot lox w/ cultured cashew cream & capers served on a large slice of italian bread or GF bun 

Low Carb Breakfast* - spinach topped w/ thin radish slices, avocado, heirloom tomato, turmeric tofu & covered in our house-made ranch

Meatball Sub* - house-made marinara & meatballs (rice & oat based) covered in VGRITS mozzarella, served on a 6” hoagie or GF bun 

Soup* - available every Thursday! Comes w/ toasted bread 

Pancakes* – 2 cakes w/ whipped cinnamon butter, fresh fruit & side of 100% pure maple syrup 

Waffle – in-house-tamed, Dutch whole wheat sourdough waffle topped w/ whipped butter, served w/ a side of 100% pure maple syrup 

Quinoa Maple Granola* – our granola + almond or soy milk & fresh fruit 

Please note: Due to the size of our kitchen, dishes will come out as they are ready.

Also, please allow extra time for orders of pancakes and the gluten-free bun.


Breakfast Savory Patty* – rice & oats spiced to savory perfection 

Twice-baked potatoes* – our beautifully seasoned potatoes

Turmeric Tofu* – 3oz of silken tofu lightly cripsed and seasoned 

Side Salad* - spinach, thin radish slices, heirloom tomato & avocado w/ a side of house-made ranch 


Batch Brew Coffee – (8oz) $1.89, (12oz) $2.36, or (16oz) $2.59 (refills $.95, in-house bottomless $3)

Please be advised: we do offer dairy based coffee creamer (half and half)

Decaf Pour Over – (12oz) $3 takes at least 5 minutes

Sunergos Cold Brew – (16oz) $3

Add Syrup Shot - see syrup flavor list - $1

Rare Tea Cellar Hot Tea (8oz) $1.89, (12oz) $2.36, (16oz) $2.59 or iced (16oz) $3

Fresh-Squeezed-Daily OJ – (8oz) $2.75 [OJ flavor and availability subject to season!]

Glass of Soy or Almond Milk – (8oz) $1.89, add chocolate for $1 more

Botanical Soda - (16oz) see syrup flavor list - $3

Shaken “Latte” - made w/ your choice of milk, cold brew, & your choice of JO SNOW SYURUP - $4

Shaken “Mocha” - made w/ your choice of milk, cold brew, & rich handmade chocolate syrup - $4.75

- make it a hazelnut or almond or whatever-flavored mocha! - $5.25


(subject to availability)

Cake Donuts* a throwback to old-fashioned cake donuts. Flavors feature chocolate, fruit, & a variety of teas. (regular or gluten free) - $2 / dozen $22

Cupcakes – rotating selection of gourmet individual cakes featuring fruit, chocolate, & nut combinations - $3.25 / dozen $35.75

Macaron* a delicate, sweet French confection consisting of a ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two almond meringue cookies - $2

KY's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie It's true - $2.25

Scones a biscuit-like treat, lightly sweetened featuring fruit and nut combinations - $2.75

Cake - slice $4 / whole 9” $48 / whole 6” $32

Pie* - slice $3 / whole $20-28

Please allow AT LEAST 48hrs notice for special orders

* <----the asterisk means this item IS or CAN BE made gluten-free, but please be aware we are not a gluten-free facility and cannot guarantee no cross contamination. We also use high gluten flour, tree nuts, peanuts and soy on shared equipment.